Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hang Dry Clothes for Big Savings!

Here is another green savings tip. Instead of powering up the drier you can hang dry your clothes. Now that summer has started those of you with back yards can set up a clothes line. If you don't have the luxury of a back yard you can always just set up a rack in a room with some windows. This is a great savings tip that only requires some patience.

Hang drying is also better for your clothes. Driers can be rough on clothes, subjecting them to intense heat and agitation. Hang drying will make your clothes last longer which is another cost saving advantage. In my building we have coin laundry and to use the drier takes $2. Hang drying is definitely the best alternative. I don't have a backyard so I just use a rack in the bedroom. It only takes a couple hours and they're dry. This can even be done indoors in the winter. Just don't leave your clothes out in the rain!


  1. I have a clothes line in my new backyard and it saves a ton of $$$ !! Solid idea man!!

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