Saturday, June 26, 2010

Easy Money by Filling Out Online Surveys at Home

I have recently received a cheque for $5.70 US. I know it's not much but I wasn't exactly busting my hump earning it. I got it from filling out some online surveys. There are a lot of scams on the internet that advertise about getting rich at home. One of the reasons I gave this website a shot was that it didn't make claims about getting rich over night.

The name of the website is The way it works is you set up an account with all the usual information: name, email, etc... . Then you have to wait for email notification about available surveys. The emails state roughly how long the survey takes and how many points it is worth. The longer the survey the more points it's worth. You have to accumulate at least 50 points before you can cash in and request a cheque. Each point is worth 10 cents so that's a minimum of a $5 cheque. Also, whenever you refer someone else to the site by providing an email address you can earn another 20 points. The person with the email address has to register with an account and complete one full survey before you get your referral points.

Whenever you are sent a survey there are a set of preliminary questions to try to find if you are within the demographics in which marketers need information. If you qualify you can complete the survey and get the points. If you don't you get your choice of entering a draw or contributing a couple cents to a charity. I highly recommend trying it out. This is not going to replace your day job by any means, but this is something you can do in the comfort of your home while watching TV.


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