Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Work to Live or Live to Work

Wouldn't it be great if you loved your job so much that you'd do it even if you weren't getting paid for it. Unfortunately, your car doesn't run on love nor does love put food on the table. The reality is that somewhere along the line we have to compromise. We need to find a job that pays a decent salary and where going into work doesn't drive you absolutely postal.

Personally, I think that entrepreneurship is the way to go. Being your own boss is one of the most rewarding pursuits. Every ounce of energy that you put into your business will impact the bottom line, you will have absolute freedom over your life and exceptional tax breaks (Check out: start-small.html). That being said you will need marketable skills and capital to start your own business. With schooling (Check out: got-student-debt.html) and job experience you can work your way towards that goal.

When choosing a job we want to make sure that the skills we acquire will be in demand. Demand can be measured through the salary you're paid. This is not the perfect measuring tool (but if markets were 100% efficient) than salaries would be close to representing the value of specific skills and knowledge. To find out what a specific job pays check out Payscale. This is an awesome site where you can search specific job titles to see what the average salaries are, where the highest salaries are being paid and a bunch of other stats. http://www.payscale.com/research/CA/Country=Canada/Salary

Also check out this video on salary negotiation:



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