Thursday, April 21, 2011

10% Student & Senior Discount at Bulk Barn on Wednesday

There are different definitions of buying in bulk. Bulk buying usually means purchasing a large quantity of an item at a discount. In other cases it means purchasing a product per unit weight instead of a pre-determined amount. This is exactly the way you purchase things at Bulk Barn.

Buying per unit weight is a great way to save when you only need a small quantity of goods. For instance a cup of flour or fistful of prunes. I find that you're probably not saving very much when you need larger quantities and that you'll probably be spending more shopping this way. For larger quantities you're probably better off going to Wal-Mart for what you need.

It all comes down to how much you need and when you're planning to use it. If your purchasing perishable items than its best to purchase the amount you need, rather than going to Costco and getting a bathtub full of olives because the price per unit weight is unbeatable. There is a good chance of spoilage and that'll be money down the drain.

If you're a fan of buying by unit weight there's a great discount on Wednesdays at Bulk Barn for students and seniors. If you're neither, than befriend a student or bring gramps to your next Bulk Barn expedition.

Also check out this video on the "Bulk Buying Queen":

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