Thursday, February 17, 2011

Zehrs Ontario: 10% Student Discount on Tuesdays

I've heard from many of my student friends that Zehrs is offering a 10% student discount on Tuesdays. Be sure to show your student card to the cashier at the time of purchase to receive the discount. This deal is definitely on in Waterloo, Ontario. I'm not sure if it's nation wide or just in Southwestern Ontario. If anyone can add comments about where else you can find this deal, please feel free.

Here is some information I found at Red Flag Deals:
Everyone has to buy groceries, so might as well do it on Tuesday and save the 10%.

The math to see what you can save:

$50/week on groceries * 10% * 52 weeks = $260
That's a whopping $260 savings a year!

Not so bad if you ask me. Buy your groceries on Tuesday and get 5 weeks of groceries free by the end of the year. This calculation depends a lot on your weekly grocery bill. If you're spending more than $50 a week you could be saving a lot more. Don't forget to include coupons you can find at and deals in the weekly flyer to compound your savings.

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