Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Ready To Roll Up The Rim!

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In a previous post I compared Tim Hortons coffee with McDonald'ss coffee: tim-hortons-vs-mcdonalds-coffee.html

I still believe that McDonald's offers better value for their coffee, however there's something about rolling up the rim that Canadians have grown to love. Here's some information I found at about this year's Roll Up the Rim contest.

Begins MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21,2011

Contest Cup Eligibility

  • Any medium, large or extra large size hot beverage
  • Any hot beverage served in a qualifying china mug or re-useable container upon presentation of their order

NOT eligible:
  • Small hot beverages and all cold beverages

Winning Rim Tab Redemption – Food Prizes
  • An unlimited number may be redeemed at one time
  • Winning Rim Tabs may NOT be redeemed as part as any combo

  • Guest may select any size of any hot beverage
  • A flavor shot may be added at no additional charge
  • No other substitutions allowed
  • Always server winning beverages with a contest cup

  • Guest may select any variety of one donut, one muffin or one cookie per winning tab
  • No other substitutions allowed

Winning Rim Tab redemption – Major Prizes
  • Present Guest with 2011 Rules and Regulation Form
  • Guest must complete form in full and submit to contest company as indicated
  • DO NOT accept or handle a major price winning Rim Tab

Double Cupping
  • When required or requested, use a regular brown cup

Damaged/Tampered Cups
  • Immediately deemed null and void

  • If contest cup not available ask customer if they’d like to change their order to an available cup size
  • All major prize winning Rim Tabs must be redeemed by May 22, 2011
  • As goodwill gesture, all winning food prizes should continue to be redeemed after this date
Prizes this year are:

40 Toyota Matrix
100 Panasonic 3D TV Packages
1,000 Napoleon Barbecues
5,000 Raleigh Mountain Bikes
25,000 100$ Tim Cards
And over 47 million Food Prizes


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