Sunday, August 8, 2010

Purge Your Home!

It's the peak of the summer, which means people are out and about enjoying the wonderful weather. The warm weather makes this season the absolute best time to have a yard/garage sale. There's no better way to make room in your home than getting rid of the junk you no longer need. Like the old saying goes "one person's garbage is another person's gold." It's great to have a yard sale before moving, since it makes packing that much easier. So if you're moving in the fall consider having a yard sale first. Also, it's a great way to earn a couple extra dollars.

Here are a couple tips to help make your yard sale a success:
1) Choose a date - First of all you'll have to pick a Saturday or Sunday that works best for you. Also, if you do not have enough stuff it's best to pair up with some friends and have one large sale. In that case you need to choose a date that works well with everyone.

2) Advertise - It's best to put up large colourful signs in your neighbourhood to attract attention (try putting balloons next to your sign as an attention grabber). The more traffic you drive through your yard sale the better chance you have at selling all your stuff. Be sure to include in your poster the hours for your yard sale, the address and a large arrow pointing in the direction of your yard sale. Also, advertise in your local newspaper in the classifieds on the Thursday or Friday of your sale.

3) Price and Display - Pricing all your iems maybe too time consuming so group things of similar price together. Also try to group similar items such as all your books in one area and all your kid's toys in another. Be sure to fold clothes you are selling to make them more appealing. Having a yard sale is like playing a store keeper for the day, so try to display your items to attract attention and to showcase your stuff!

Here is a quick video with more tips on how to make your yard sale a success:



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