Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pre-Drink Before Going Out!

Summer is in full swing and there is no better time to get a pitcher of your favourite suds with some good friends. All the pub patios are in full operation and it is hard to resist their allure. But before we head out, let us not forget that we are on a tight budget. Here is a solid tip that can help you save a bundle.

Before going out and painting the town red you should always pre-drink 70% to 80% of your drinks. Here is a solid example of how bars mark up the cost of drinks. A beer can range in cost from $3-4 at the bar or club. A two-four of beer usually costs approximately $28 a case including deposit (depending on your brand of beer). That equates to a little over a dollar a beer. Let’s say you decide to splurge and get a more expensive brand of beer, say $36 for a two-four, it still equals only $1.50 a drink. That means if you’re going to a bar/club and they are charging you $4 a drink you’re saving 260% on each drink (not to mention tip)!

Bars, clubs and restaurants make the most profit off of drinks. That’s a fact. They charge more than double what we can get at the LCBO or Beer Store. So if you’re going to have 6 drinks in a night you may as well have 4 in the comfort of your home with friends and then have the rest on the pub patio. This way you can have the best of both world’s while staying within your budget. You can have a sufficient amount of drinks without breaking the bank. After you have pre-drank you can go out and enjoy live music at your local pub or dance at your favourite club, while having less clean up at home.

So enjoy the patio and the summer weather. But be sure to pre-drink before going out and to enjoy your alcohol responsibly. Keep savin’!

P.S. I've also attached the top 20 party songs of all time. Turn this into a play list for your next get together. It doubles as a timer, so when the songs are done it's time to head out!

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