Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Learn a Few Basic Sewing Techniques for Great Savings!

We live in a throw away society these days. Instead of trying to make our belongings last as long as they can, we throw them out as soon as there is a minor defect. This leads to more consumption, since another item has to be purchased to replace the old one. All this shopping can be detrimental to your savings, not to mention the overcrowding of landfills with consumer junk. Clothing is one of the things that often gets replaced when there is a minor rip or tear. Learning a few simple sewing techniques can help make you clothes last a lot longer.

I recommend practicing first on clothes that are worn underneath other clothes so that others can't see you handy work. Clothes such as under shirts and underwear are a good place to start getting some practice. Once you have developed you sewing skills you can move on to making minor repairs on clothes that can be seen. Jeans are something that can be patched up many times while still looking cool. Once you've reached the advanced stages of sewing you can also make slight alterations to garments such as hemming pants and sleeves. Also, repairing zippers on pants and jackets can be done quite easily once you get some practice in.

Learning a few basic sewing techniques will help get the most mileage out of your clothes. It will also open up a lot of opportunities for your creative side to make use of old garments. Such as altering old t-shirts into pillow cases or turning old jeans into garage clothes to wipe up spills. I have attached three videos below that cover: 1) How to secure a knot and tie off a thread, 2) How to do a basic running stitch and 3) How to sew a back stitch. Pick up a needle and thread today and patch up something!

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  1. Alternatively, you can ask your mother/grandmother to do you a favour and patch up your garment. They will feel appreciated, you will save time, and they will probably do a much better job of it than you are capable of doing yourself.

    As an added bonus, you can probably snag a couple free meals when you visit them to drop off/pick up your threads. Cha-ching!