Thursday, March 7, 2013

What's your opinion worth?

Here's a great way to make a few extra bucks online. i-Say by Ipsos is a marketing company that tries to understand consumer spending habits by surveying consumers online. Join i-Say and get periodic invites to do online surveys. Each survey you complete is worth a different amount of points, usually the more time it takes the more points it's worth. Once you've accumulated enough points you can exchange them for gift cards and prepaid credit cards (works like cash).

I've tried a few of these sites and i-Say is one of the most legitimate. There are frequent surveys and there are a lot of great prizes to spend your points on. One big bonus is that usually before you qualify to do a survey, there is a pre-survey to get an idea of what demographic you're in. If you qualify you go on to do the rest of the survey to receive your points. If you don't qualify most online survey sites won't reward you with anything, wasting a minute or two of your time. At i-Say you usually still get a few points for doing the pre-survey.

Give it a shot. Finally somebody who's listening to what you have to say and they're willing to pay you for it!

Here is a video about how to avoid scams and make money with online surveys:


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