Thursday, October 7, 2010

Deal Find

There's a great new website called Deal Find. The site sells gift cards offered at a great discount. Unfortunately the deals are only for retailers around the greater Toronto area (for now...). Here are 3 examples of the past deals they've had:

1) Thai Spring Roll (Restaurant) - Regular Price $50, Coupon Price $20
60% Savings

2) East Village Yoga (Fitness) - Regular Price $280, Coupon Price $20
93% Savings

3) Toronto Cleaning Service (Cleaning) - Regular Price $75, Coupon Price $39
48% Savings

How it works (an exerpt from their webpage):
"Every day, Dealfind features something cool to buy or do at an unbeatable price. How do we get such a great price? Because we represent a large group of buyers and we can promise local businesses a certain amount of volume. Buying in bulk, as a group, you get the best deal."

I'll leave a link at the bottom of my site. Check it out and save today!

Here's a clip from another great coupon site:

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