Friday, September 3, 2010

Tim Hortons vs. McDonald's Coffee

The coffee wars are on in Canada. Canadians love their warm cup of joe in the morning. According to the Coffee Association of Canada, Canadians drink 2.6 cups of coffee a day. Tim Hortons is Canada's favourite low cost cup of coffee, with over 2,800 stores in Canada. There are a lot of competitors that want to get in on some of Timmy's market share, of all the low cost coffee shops available in Canada (i.e. Coffee Time, Coffee Culture and Country Style) I find McDonald's provides the best value.

Here are some quick statistics.

Not only do you get more coffee for less money at McDonald's, you can also refill your coffee when you're drinking your coffee in McDonald's. That's exceptional value! I also really like the taste of McDonald's coffee. I might even say that it tastes better than Tim Hortons coffee, but that may be unpatriotic. Next time you're getting your morning cup of joe give McDonald's coffee a shot.

For you Americans here's a little clip about the Starbucks vs. McDonald's coffee wars in the U.S.A.

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  1. McDonald's coffee tastes WAY better than Tim Horton's coffee. Timmy's brews it too weak. If I brew Tim Horton's coffee at home, it's okay, but I just can't justify spending money to purchase a cup of dark-coloured hot water from a Tim Horton's store.

  2. I really don`t know witch one I prefer the most , but that's the million dollar question :/

  3. Tims black = bean water

  4. Mcdonalds coffee does taste richer than Timmy's coffee. Half the time, Timmy's coffee tastes burnt. Give more free coffee, TH! Follow suite.

  5. McDonald's coffee is cheaper (Tim's keeps RAISING their prices, while McDonald's is consistent), tastes better and is more consistent in flavor, and now with every 7th cup of coffee at McDonald's you get a free coffee of any size lowering the price per cup even more!

  6. Tim Hortons has been my favorite place to grab a coffee for almost 30 years. A number of years ago I had tried McDonalds and was quite dissapointed with the quality and flavor. As I sit here in a McDonalds trying their brew once again, I must say that I am very plessed with their coffee and like the fact that they offer refills. Only other chain I know of that offers refills is Starbucks. In the end, McDonalds takes the lead for me and will be my first destination on the way to work.

    Tim Hortons and Starbucks are on every corner here in Toronto but I'll go out of my way for the better product.


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